Become Airbnb Plus: Your Path to Hosting Excellence

Become Airbnb Plus: Your Path to Hosting Excellence

How To Become Airbnb Plus?

Brief Overview of Airbnb Plus

Airbnb Plus, an exclusive tier of Airbnb's property listings, represents a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of short-term rentals. Hosts who aspire to elevate their properties to Airbnb Plus status engage in a meticulous process to offer guests an exceptional experience. This program caters to the discerning traveler, promising high-end accommodations that embody comfort, style, and functionality. Striving for Airbnb Plus status is a testament to a host's commitment to excellence in hospitality.

Importance of Becoming an Airbnb Plus Host

Becoming an Airbnb Plus host is not merely a badge of honor; it's a strategic move in the competitive landscape of short-term rentals. By achieving Airbnb Plus status, hosts unlock a plethora of benefits that extend beyond enhanced visibility and higher occupancy rates. The prestige of Airbnb Plus invites higher-paying, quality-conscious guests, ensuring a steady stream of bookings and increased revenue. Furthermore, it grants access to Airbnb's professional support and resources, streamlining property management and elevating the overall hosting experience.

Qualifications and Requirements

Meeting Minimum Criteria

Becoming an Airbnb Plus host is an aspiration that comes with rigorous criteria that every property must meet. These prerequisites serve as the foundation for Airbnb's commitment to offering a consistent standard of excellence. While they may initially appear demanding, they are integral to ensuring a remarkable guest experience.

Style and Design

To qualify for Airbnb Plus, your property must boast a captivating and thoughtfully designed interior. This is not about extravagant luxury, but rather a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality that resonates with the discerning traveler.

Cleanliness and Condition

Meticulous cleanliness and property upkeep are non-negotiable. Your property should be impeccably maintained, free of any wear and tear, and spotlessly clean to provide guests with an exceptional stay.

Essential Amenities

Airbnb Plus properties must offer a range of essential amenities. These include a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi, heating, and air conditioning. These conveniences are the pillars of comfort and are expected by the modern traveler.

Preparing Your Property

To meet Airbnb Plus standards, your property may require some enhancements or adjustments.

Design Enhancements

Invest in quality furnishings and décor that elevate the overall ambiance of your property. Consider art, textiles, and functional pieces that enhance both the aesthetics and the guest's experience.

Professional Cleaning

Engage professional cleaning services to ensure your property is consistently pristine. Regular cleaning routines are vital in maintaining the high standards of an Airbnb Plus property.

Safety and Security

Guest safety is paramount. Install essential safety features, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Make sure locks and entry systems are secure, providing peace of mind for your guests.

Maintaining Consistency

Once your property qualifies as an Airbnb Plus listing, it's imperative to uphold these standards consistently. Consistency in design, cleanliness, and service is key to retaining Airbnb Plus status and the associated benefits.

Regular Inspections

Periodic inspections, both self-assessments and Airbnb Plus inspections, help ensure your property continues to meet the requirements.

Guest Feedback

Pay attention to guest feedback and address any issues promptly. Continuous improvement is crucial in delivering an outstanding experience.

Creating an Airbnb Plus Listing

High-Quality Photography

Visual appeal plays a pivotal role in attracting potential guests to your Airbnb Plus property. When it comes to photography, it's not just about capturing images; it's about creating a visual narrative that entices and excites.

Professional Photographers

Consider investing in professional photographers who specialize in real estate and interior design. They can capture your property's essence, making it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Showcase Key Features

Highlight the unique features and selling points of your property. Whether it's a stunning view, a well-equipped kitchen, or a cozy reading nook, emphasize what makes your space special.

Consistency in Imagery

Maintain consistency in the style of your photographs. A cohesive visual presentation creates a strong and memorable brand for your Airbnb Plus listing.

Writing an Engaging Description

The written description of your property is an opportunity to paint a vivid picture in the minds of potential guests. It should be more than a list of features; it should tell a story.

Craft a Narrative

Describe the experience guests can expect. What kind of memories can they create in your property? Craft a narrative that resonates with your target audience.

Be Specific

Provide detailed information about your property, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and any unique amenities. Specifics help guests make informed decisions.

Use Evocative Language

Incorporate evocative language that evokes emotion and imagination. Describe the ambiance, the surroundings, and the overall atmosphere of your property.

Setting Competitive Pricing

Determining the right pricing for your Airbnb Plus property is a strategic task that requires a balance between profitability and guest value.

Research the Market

Conduct thorough research on similar properties in your area. This will give you insight into the pricing landscape and help you position your property competitively.

Seasonal Adjustments

Consider adjusting your pricing based on seasonal demand. Higher rates during peak seasons and attractive deals during off-peak periods can maximize your occupancy and revenue.

Value-Added Extras

Offer value-added services or amenities that justify a slightly higher price. Whether it's a welcome basket, concierge service, or complimentary spa access, these extras can make your property more enticing.

Dynamic Pricing Tools

Use dynamic pricing tools that take into account factors like demand, local events, and competitor rates. These tools can help you optimize your pricing strategy.

Guest Reviews and Feedback

Regularly review guest feedback and adjust your pricing accordingly. Positive reviews can justify premium pricing, while any concerns should prompt a reevaluation of rates.

By mastering the art of high-quality photography, engaging descriptions, and competitive pricing, you'll create an Airbnb Plus listing that captivates potential guests and drives bookings.

Delivering Exceptional Guest Experiences

Communication and Responsiveness

Effective communication is the cornerstone of exceptional guest experiences. As an Airbnb Plus host, you are expected to provide prompt and courteous responses to guest inquiries and requests.

Timely Responses

Respond to guest inquiries and messages promptly, ideally within a few hours. Guests value hosts who are readily available to address their needs and concerns.

Pre-Arrival Information

Send detailed pre-arrival information, including check-in instructions, local recommendations, and any specifics about your property. This helps guests feel well-prepared and welcomed.

During the Stay

Stay accessible during your guest's stay. Address any issues or questions promptly. Your attentiveness can significantly impact their overall satisfaction.

Providing Outstanding Amenities

Airbnb Plus guests expect a level of comfort and convenience that goes beyond the basics. Thoughtful amenities can leave a lasting impression.

High-Quality Linens and Toiletries

Invest in quality bed linens, towels, and toiletries. Guests appreciate the luxury of a well-made bed and premium bath products.

Well-Equipped Kitchen

A well-stocked kitchen with essential cooking tools and quality appliances is a significant asset. Guests who enjoy cooking will appreciate the convenience.

Entertainment and Connectivity

Offer entertainment options like a smart TV with streaming services, a good selection of books, and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. These keep guests engaged during their stay.

Tips for Guest Satisfaction

To ensure guest satisfaction and garner positive reviews, consider these tips:

Personalized Welcome

Add a personal touch to your guest's welcome, such as a handwritten note or a small welcome gift. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Local Recommendations

Provide a list of local recommendations for restaurants, activities, and sights. Personalized tips from a local host can enhance the guest's experience.


Whenever possible, be flexible with check-in and check-out times. Accommodating your guests' schedules can leave a positive impression.

Respond to Feedback

Pay attention to guest feedback and reviews. Address any concerns or suggestions promptly. This shows your commitment to continually improving the guest experience.

Check for Maintenance

Regularly inspect your property for maintenance issues and address them proactively. A well-maintained property ensures a trouble-free stay for your guests.

By focusing on communication, providing exceptional amenities, and following tips for guest satisfaction, you can ensure that your Airbnb Plus property stands out and offers an exceptional experience to your guests.

Managing Your Airbnb Plus Property

Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintaining a pristine and well-functioning property is not just a one-time task; it's an ongoing commitment to providing a top-tier experience.

Regular Cleaning Schedule

Establish a rigorous cleaning schedule to ensure that your property remains spotless between guests. Professional cleaning services can be invaluable in maintaining high cleanliness standards.

Preventive Maintenance

Conduct regular inspections of your property to identify and address any maintenance issues promptly. This proactive approach prevents problems from escalating.

Restocking Essentials

Regularly check and restock essential amenities, such as toiletries, linens, and kitchen supplies. Guests should never find themselves without the basics during their stay.

Handling Guest Requests and Issues

Exceptional hospitality involves being responsive to guest requests and swiftly resolving any issues that may arise during their stay.

Quick Responses

Respond to guest requests promptly. Whether it's a request for additional towels or a concern about a malfunctioning appliance, a quick response demonstrates your commitment to guest satisfaction.

Problem Resolution

When issues arise, work diligently to resolve them to the guest's satisfaction. This may involve coordinating with maintenance professionals or offering alternative accommodations when necessary.


Maintain a high level of professionalism in all interactions with guests. Courtesy and respect go a long way in making guests feel valued and heard.

Keeping Up with Airbnb Plus Standards

To retain your Airbnb Plus status, you must consistently meet the program's rigorous standards.

Airbnb Plus Inspections

Participate in Airbnb Plus inspections as required. These inspections ensure that your property continues to meet the program's stringent requirements.

Continuous Improvement

Regularly assess your property and hosting practices for opportunities for improvement. Being proactive in making enhancements will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Guest Feedback

Pay close attention to guest feedback and reviews. Their insights can be valuable in identifying areas that need attention or enhancement.

Sustaining the high standards of an Airbnb Plus property involves a commitment to cleaning, maintenance, responsive communication, and adherence to program requirements. By prioritizing these aspects, you can ensure that your property consistently delivers exceptional guest experiences.

Marketing and Promotion

Using Airbnb Plus Branding

Leveraging the Airbnb Plus branding can significantly enhance your property's visibility and appeal to potential guests.

Display the Airbnb Plus Badge

prominently feature the Airbnb Plus badge on your listing. This symbolizes your commitment to quality and helps your property stand out in search results.

High-Quality Photography

Your property's photographs should not only meet the Airbnb Plus standards but also align with the program's aesthetic. This consistency reinforces the Airbnb Plus brand identity.

Highlight Premium Features

Emphasize the premium features and amenities of your property in your listing description. Be sure to showcase what sets your space apart within the Airbnb Plus category.

Leveraging Reviews and Ratings

Positive reviews and high ratings are invaluable assets in attracting potential guests and enhancing your property's reputation.

Encourage Guest Reviews

Promptly request reviews from satisfied guests. The more positive reviews you accumulate, the more appealing your property becomes to prospective travelers.

Address Negative Feedback

Acknowledge and address any negative feedback professionally. Demonstrating a commitment to improvement can turn a negative review into a positive experience for future guests.

Consistency in Service

Consistency in delivering top-notch service will result in a steady stream of positive reviews, solidifying your property's reputation.

Strategies for Attracting Guests

Implementing effective strategies for attracting guests is essential for maintaining high occupancy rates.

Pricing Adjustments

Periodically adjust your pricing based on factors such as seasonality, local events, and market trends. Competitive pricing can make your property more appealing.

Special Offers

Consider offering special deals during off-peak seasons or for extended stays. Attractive discounts can entice guests to choose your property.

Social Media and Local Outreach

Leverage social media platforms and local partnerships to promote your Airbnb Plus listing. Engage with your community and create a network that can drive bookings.

Repeat Guests

Provide exceptional service to encourage repeat bookings. Previous guests who had a memorable experience are more likely to return, ensuring a steady flow of reservations.

By effectively using Airbnb Plus branding, leveraging positive reviews, and implementing guest-attracting strategies, you can maximize the visibility and desirability of your Airbnb Plus property, ultimately leading to increased bookings and revenue.

Staying Competitive

To remain competitive as an Airbnb Plus host, it's essential to stay informed about industry trends and shifts in guest preferences.

Attend Industry Events

Participate in industry conferences and events to connect with other hosts, gain insights, and stay updated on the latest hospitality trends.

Read Industry Publications

Stay informed by reading industry-specific publications, blogs, and news related to short-term rentals. This will help you understand market changes and emerging trends.

Guest Feedback Analysis

Carefully analyze guest feedback and reviews to identify emerging trends and areas where you can improve. Guest input is a valuable source of information.

Evolving Your Property

In a dynamic market, it's important to continuously evolve and improve your property to meet changing guest expectations.

Regular Updates

Regularly update your property to keep it fresh and appealing. This could involve minor renovations, updating decor, or enhancing amenities.

Technological Upgrades

Incorporate technological advancements to improve the guest experience. Smart home devices, keyless entry systems, and other tech enhancements can set your property apart.

Sustainability Initiatives

Consider adopting eco-friendly practices within your property, such as energy-efficient appliances or recycling programs. Sustainable practices are increasingly attractive to guests.

Responding to Market Changes

Adapting to market changes is crucial for long-term success as an Airbnb Plus host.

Pricing Adjustments

Regularly evaluate your pricing strategy to align with market conditions. Flexibility in pricing can help you respond to fluctuations in demand.

Local Events and Seasonal Shifts

Stay attuned to local events and seasonal shifts that may impact your property's demand. Adjust your offerings and pricing accordingly.

Competition Analysis

Keep an eye on your competition. Monitor similar Airbnb Plus properties in your area and adjust your strategy to stay competitive.

By staying updated with industry trends, evolving your property, and responding to market changes, you can remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape of short-term rentals. This adaptability ensures your continued success as an Airbnb Plus host.

Benefits and Potential Challenges

Advantages of Being an Airbnb Plus Host

Becoming an Airbnb Plus host offers a myriad of benefits that can elevate your hosting experience and your property's performance in the short-term rental market.

Enhanced Visibility

One of the primary advantages is the enhanced visibility your property gains by being part of Airbnb Plus. Your listing is prominently featured to a select audience of travelers who seek exceptional accommodations.

Premium Pricing

Airbnb Plus properties typically command higher nightly rates than standard listings. This premium pricing helps increase your revenue, making it a financially rewarding choice.

Professional Support

As an Airbnb Plus host, you gain access to a range of professional support services. This includes dedicated account management and priority customer support, making property management more efficient.

Increased Bookings

The Airbnb Plus badge is a symbol of quality that resonates with travelers. This increased credibility leads to higher booking rates and occupancy, especially among guests who prioritize quality.

Streamlined Property Management

With Airbnb Plus, you receive helpful resources, such as design consultations and maintenance support. These resources assist in maintaining and improving your property.

Potential Challenges and How to Overcome Them

While being an Airbnb Plus host brings numerous advantages, it also presents certain challenges that require careful consideration and proactive management.

Maintaining Standards

The need to consistently meet the high standards of Airbnb Plus can be challenging. Hosts must invest time and resources to ensure their property continues to qualify.

How to Overcome: Regular inspections, maintenance, and attention to guest feedback are crucial in maintaining high standards. Consider it an ongoing commitment to quality.

Increased Expectations

Airbnb Plus guests have elevated expectations. They seek perfection in their stay, which can be demanding for hosts.

How to Overcome: Clear communication, exceptional amenities, and an attentive approach to guest satisfaction can help meet and exceed these expectations.

Financial Investment

Elevating your property to Airbnb Plus standards may require a financial investment in renovations, furnishings, and amenities.

How to Overcome: Plan your budget carefully and prioritize improvements that provide the most value. Consider it an investment in your property's long-term success.

Competitive Market

The short-term rental market is highly competitive, and achieving and maintaining Airbnb Plus status requires standing out.

How to Overcome: Continuously evolve your property, stay informed about market trends, and offer unique features that differentiate your listing.

Becoming an Airbnb Plus host is a rewarding journey that offers numerous advantages. However, it also presents challenges that, with dedication and strategic management, can be overcome to ensure long-term success and a top-tier hosting experience.


In conclusion, aspiring to become an Airbnb Plus host is a significant commitment that can yield substantial rewards in the world of short-term rentals. It's a journey that requires dedication, attention to detail, and a commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences. To summarize the key points of this guide:

As an Airbnb Plus host, you must meet stringent qualifications, ensuring that your property reflects a high standard of style, cleanliness, and essential amenities. This commitment to excellence is at the core of the program.

Creating an Airbnb Plus listing involves top-notch photography and engaging descriptions. These elements not only highlight your property's features but also tell a compelling story that resonates with potential guests.

Delivering exceptional guest experiences hinges on effective communication, responsiveness to guest requests, and providing outstanding amenities. The little details and personalized touches can make all the difference.

Managing your Airbnb Plus property requires a commitment to cleaning, maintenance, and adherence to program standards. It's a continuous effort to ensure your property consistently meets high-quality standards.

Marketing and promotion strategies, such as using Airbnb Plus branding, leveraging reviews, and implementing guest-attracting strategies, are crucial for maximizing your property's visibility and appeal.

Staying competitive means staying updated with industry trends, evolving your property, and responding to market changes. Adaptability is key to success in the ever-changing short-term rental landscape.

Being an Airbnb Plus host comes with a host of advantages, including enhanced visibility, premium pricing, professional support, increased bookings, and streamlined property management.

However, it also presents challenges, such as maintaining high standards, meeting elevated guest expectations, financial investment, and navigating a competitive market. These challenges can be overcome with dedication and strategic management.

In the end, becoming an Airbnb Plus host is not just a designation but a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing guests with extraordinary stays. It's an opportunity to elevate your hosting experience and reap the rewards of higher occupancy rates and increased revenue. By following the steps outlined in this guide and embracing the challenges as opportunities for growth, you can embark on a successful journey as an Airbnb Plus host and create lasting memories for your guests.

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