About SurePlaces

SurePlaces is a place where we are publishing the best accommodation listings we could find, that meet our acceptance criteria. Thanks for that, you can be sure we will NEVER recommend any place that we didn't want to live ourselves in.


Who we are?

Katarzyna is a creative soul without whom the site would look terribly ugly.
Krzysztof is a tech-savvy data analyst who loves to discover and test new technologies.

Professionally we deal with something completely different but we both love to travel and discover new places, meet other cultures, eat foods that we didn't try before and live the best we can! 😍

Privately, we are a couple for years.

Formerly we were collecting this data for ourselves but after figured it out that it could be valuable for the others, we decided to launch this website and share our insights in regular updates.

We could earn commision when you book through links you could find on SurePlaces.com and thanks for that, we could still maintain and improve this site for even greater experience.

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Thank you for visiting our page.
We wish you a great day! 😍

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